THANK YOU! Those two little words hold so much meaning! I just wanted to take a moment to remind singers how important it is to acknowledge gratitude by saying THANK YOU! In this day and age of smart phones, we have become accustomed to texting or emailing friends instead of calling or visiting them in person. The same seems to be happening with follow up Thank you’s. After an audition, meeting, or interview, you should ALWAYS take the time to write a personal note. It makes you stand out in a crowd.

A voice student of mine recently applied for a teaching job, and after the interview, she took the time to write each person on the panel a hand written thank you note. She got the job, and they commented on the fact that she was so thoughtful.

It is so important to recognize the time and energy people give to you. A simple THANK YOU is a sign of respect, and can change a life. Gratitude fills the person who says it, and Appreciate fills the recipient and ripples out, like a stone thrown in water.

Take the time to write and say THANK YOU after an audition or concert. It really goes a long way!