Several years ago, after suffering tremendously, I was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease.  I was beginning to think I was crazy, with doctors telling me everything was fine, when I knew it wasn't.  By the time I was diagnosed, my vitamin D levels were almost non-existent, and I was so depressed and exhausted I could barely function.

I am now fully recovered, and thought I would share my story of recovery, in the hopes that it will help someone else.  I am a professional singer, not a doctor, but through my struggles I have a learned a lot, so I thought I would list some of the herbal supplements that I have taken along the journey.  So many people go to their doctors and share their symptoms, and no test is done.  If you feel this could apply to you, PLEASE CONSULT A DOCTOR AND HAVE THEM TEST YOU FOR LYME DISEASE!

Below are some of the symptoms you may experience when infected:

Early Symptoms: 


-Body Chills

-Fever (with muscle/joint pain)


-Swollen Lymph nodes

After about 2 months you may experience:


-Neck stiffness or facial palsy

-Shooting pains

-Heart palpitations


Months or years later symptoms may consist of:

-Concentration and memory problems

-Possible cognitive defects

-Tingling or numbness in the feet and hands

I was diagnosed very late, and the doctor thought had probably had it for 20+ years.  Like me, many people don't get a bullseye mark, so they never know they are sick until much later.  I had many of these symptoms, but never put them together and realized what was happening, as it came on fairly slowly.

Not only are my Lyme disease symptoms gone now, but I am feeling vocally stronger than ever.  I had no idea how much it affected my stamina, vocal strength, and breath support.  I am SO GRATEFUL to have been diagnosed with Lyme, as I have learned so much about myself in the process.  

The herbal treatments I used to treat the disease are listed below.  You don't have to take all of them, but it's a good list.  I will star the ones that worked well for me. (Again, I am not a doctor, but wanted to share what worked for me).

Eleuthro (Siberian Ginseng):  *For energy/adrenal support.  Buy liquid extract, and take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day for 1-2 months.  Then, discontinue 2 weeks.  Repeat if needed, or go to weaker strength.  (I never took more than 15 drops at a time, or it was too much of a caffeine buzz feeling for me).  

Cats Claw (also called Samento):  *Good for late stage Lyme.  Take 500 mg, 3 times daily, and increase dose by a capsule a week until taking 2000 mg.  No need to take high dose if low dose works for you.

Resveratrol 200:  *Immune enhancer.  1-2 tablets taken 3 times daily.  This is the healthy version of grapes/wine.  I still take it, but twice a day.  You will know what works for you.

Sasparilla:  Helps with Lyme die off reactions (which makes you feel achy like you have the flu).  This is the rapid release of toxins that can occur when large numbers of microbes all die at once from antimicrobial therapy.  1 capsule 3-4 times a day while die off is occurring should help you.

Stephania:  Helps reduce visual symptoms of Lyme.  1/2 teaspoon 3 times daily.

American Indian Tea:  *This helps support the immune system and comes with brewing instructions.  It tastes very bitter, but does help with energy when you are trying to recover.  It's a strong dried mushroom, and is also supposed to help your body fight breast cancer, which can occur easily with Lyme disease, as your body can't easily purge toxins and has no Vitamin d left.

Vitamin D3:  *Check with your doctor, and be sure to get tested for this.   A symptom of Lyme disease is that your Vit d3 levels can get extremely low.  Mine were almost nonexistent.  You should take about 5000 mg of vitamin d a day (Fish oil derived is best).

Solanyx:  * It is a mushroom immune booster complex that can be taken for a week if ill, or cut the dose in half and it lasts 2 weeks to help knock out a more chronic illness.

Dr. Wilson's Adrenal Rebuilder:  *Helps to detoxify and rebuild your adrenal glands, which will help you have more energy.  (Smells horrible)

Mini trampoline:  *Just jumping on a trampoline (gently) for up to 15 minutes a day will help produce tissue movement in the body, to stimulate lymphatic drainage.  You will see large improvements with this little exercise.  (And no, jumping in place on a hard surface doesn't work the same way).  

Banderol:  *Helps kill Lyme in various forms.  It is especially supportive of cats claw.  Take twice daily, 30 min before breakfast and supper.  Start with one drop, twice daily, and add a drop daily until your dose reaches 30 drops twice daily.  

Teasel Root:  *From what I can understand, this herb pushes the bad bacteria from the joints into the blood system, so your body can fight it.  It makes me VERY TIRED, but does seem to do something, as I noticed a huge difference when I began taking Banderol and Teasel root--not as many aches and pains.

Steam/Infrared Sauna:  *I also go to a Korean spa once a week to detox my body through infrared sauna, steam, and different hot rooms.  If you don't have access to this type of spa, you can buy a small, folding infrared sauna, which looks like a small tent.  Your head sticks out of the top, but the heat helps to kill the spirochetes (lyme bugs).  If you can't afford this, keep taking hot epsom salt baths, as hot as you can handle.  When your heart starts beating quickly, get out.  Intense heat helps to kill the bug.

Good luck with your journey.  Again, I am not a doctor, but this is what worked for me.