As I packed my suitcase, preparing to fly to Aspen, CO to perform with the Aspen Music Festival again, I found myself laughing out loud. What a different packing experience this would be if I wasn’t flying there to perform. When I travel for work, I always pack extra items that only a singer would pack.

Higher altitude not only has less oxygen, but it also has decreased air pressure. What does this mean? My father, a farmer, used to always say “a big storm is coming… I can feel it in my bones/joints.” As a singer, the altitude, lack of oxygen, and decrease in air pressure can really have side effects. Normal symptoms can range from headaches, dizziness/nausea, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, to insomnia or muscles aches.

I just wanted to share a few simple things that I discovered help tremendously.

  1. For a week prior to traveling, and throughout the trip, I take CHLOROXYGEN tablets. It’s concentrated chlorophyll, which builds up red blood cells, increasing oxygen in the blood, and giving you more energy. It seems to really work like a charm for me.

  2. I travel with a small travel water alkalizer. Dehydration is an issue at altitude. This helps you stay fully hydrated without having to drink gallons of water. If you don’t want to travel with this, I also recommend drinking coconut water daily after you land. It’s very good at keeping you hydrated.

  3. If all else fails, try to find an herbal pill called: Altitude adjustment. There are also tons of new pills and drinks on the market that advertise water with HYDROGEN gas in it. It reduces pain and inflammation by reducing lactic acid. Very hydrating as well.

  4. BRING A HUMIDIFIER AND SOME COUGH DROPS. Moisture is the key for dealing with altitude, so stay HYDRATED, or your voice will suffer.

Good luck and remember to just TAKE IT SLOW! Do not arrive and plan on hiking or running the first day. Just remember, “Big journeys begin with small steps.”